From Paralyzed to Playful: Coco’s Journey with Acupuncture Healing

Meet Coco, a 5 yr old female spayed Yorkshire terrier, who became paralyzed after jumping/falling off the sofa. She was weak with difficulty walking using the left front and back
legs. She went to her local veterinarian who diagnosed her with potential IVDD and prescribed treatment. Coco was gradually improving until she jumped off the sofa a second time and now was unable to walk and could not feel pain in her hind legs, indicating more severe spinal cord damage. Coco came to Sterling Pointe Veterinary Clinic for acupuncture to see if that would help.


After only 2 weeks and 4 total treatments using electroacupuncture, Coco was able to feel pain in her feet again and was now able to walk unassisted. The owners were diligent at home keeping Coco confined and preventing her from getting on or off the furniture. In fact, she was moving so well, she was not able to hold still enough for electroacupuncture anymore! Treatments changed to dry needle acupuncture combined with photobiomodulation (cold laser) treatments alternating biweekly for two weeks, and now you would never know anything had happened!

Coco is playing and walking normally, and will be working on her luxating patellas in her knees next. Acupuncture is an extremely effective treatment modality for pain, neurological problems, but also additionally gastrointestinal, liver, skin and behavior concerns.

If you think acupuncture might help your pet, please schedule a consultation with Jodi Van Tine, DVM GDVA CVNA
FACVBM at Sterling Pointe Veterinary Clinic.