Give Back Programs

The below programs help save lives in order to ensure our beloved companions live a long life.

Ace’s Fund

Our Mission: To help save lives in order to ensure our beloved companions live a long life.

Our Program: ACE’s Fund is a way for us to offer medical needs to our canine and feline friends that are in immediate need of medical intervention and when their owners are unable to qualify for financial support due to personal financial circumstances.

Our Guidelines: Due to limited funding that is solely dependent upon donations, the following guidelines are adhered to before qualifying for financial assistance through ACE’s Fund. Our hope is to expand upon this program as donations permit us to do so.

???? All payments go directly to the patient’s account. No cash is granted for care.
???? All patients need to be evaluated by one of the doctors of Sterling Pointe Veterinary Clinic where an estimate will be provided for optimal care.
???? All eligible clients MUST apply for CARE CREDIT and be DENIED credit to show financial need.
???? All covered care is for non-elective medical and/or surgical procedures necessary to save sick or injured companions.
???? All funds approved are based on donated fund availability.

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Our Inspiration: He fit in my hand and it appeared that he couldn’t walk or see. Thank goodness that Dr. Ann was and had been our veterinarian for over a decade. I immediately drove him to where Dr. Ann was working, knowing that we had little time to spare if he was going to survive. Sure enough, this little tiny puppy needed two emergency blood transfusions. Little did we know, this would be the start of ten rewarding years with our “ACE” sharing our lives. Having five boys of our own, and our other dog Ezzy, adding Ace to our family was a match made in heaven.

Our middle son, Colton, was the one that took to Ace, and truth be told it was probably Ace that chooses him. As the years passed, a lasting bond between “the boy and his dog” developed into an amazing relationship that will be endured in our hearts forever.

Later, we added another addition to our large family named Roxy. Every summer as we sat outdoors, relaxing by the pool, we would watch Ezzy, Roxy, and Ace take their evening jog around the pool, putting Ace on the inside. After a few laps around the pool, Ezzy and Roxy would slowly ease in closer to the edge of the pool, and Ace, just happy to be with the other dogs, would unknowingly fall right in the pool.

As time went on, our Ace endured surgeries to repair both of his knees. Never losing that spunk that kept us all entertained. Eventually, his boy, Colton left to join the United States Air Force. Ace was heartbroken. Every visit from Colton would spark his inner puppy, and Ace didn’t realize that over time he was aging into a senior companion. Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Ezzy and Ace followed in her path not long after.

Throughout the years of bonding with Dr. Ann and having her care for our beloved companions, ACE’s Fund was created in memory of all the precious companions that are out there that may be in need of financial assistance. When we started this fund, we had no idea that it would continue to grow throughout the years. We would like to send our thanks to Dr. Ann & her staff at Sterling Pointe Veterinary Clinic for all the love & care they give every day to all of our beloved companions.

Denise and Family

SPVC Blood Donor Program

We are excited to offer this service to our patients who may be in need of a lifesaving blood transfusion. We rely on the help of willing canine volunteers to be available for blood donations in case of an emergency. Give your dog the chance to be a hero!

Benefits of Being a Donor: Free Annual Exam, Blood Typing, Annual Heartworm Test and Annual Deworming.

To become a canine blood donor, a dog must:

???? Be friendly with a good temperament.
???? Be between 1 and 6 years of age.
???? Be in good physical condition and parasite-free.
???? Weigh at least 50 pounds and be up to date on vaccines.
???? Be in good physical condition and parasite-free.
???? Be spayed or neutered.
???? Not be on medication except heartworm prevention

Benefits of being a canine donor:

???? Free Annual Exam
???? Free Annual Heartworm Testing
???? Free Annual Deworming
???? Free Blood Typing

Contact Us with questions or to see if your dog qualifies to be a Donor!